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    BEER WORTH LEAVING YOUR CAREER FOR You might call it magic. Perhaps you call it luck. But in reality it all comes down to this… (Sound Science + Good Taste) × Art = (Great Beer) 4 8 12 RECENT RELEASES VIEW ALL OUR BEERS... STAY IN THE LOOP Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a thing! Join Awesome! You'll be the first to hear about new releases! BARRELHOLDER REWARDS Check your balance online or sign up ! View Account THE C12 STORY There is a fundamental basis of biology and chemistry that guides the fermentation process and enables the creation of consistently great beers. Category 12’s head brewer and founder, Michael Kuzyk, has been brewing beer for more than 25 years and has his doctorate in microbiology and biochemistry from UVic. But all work and no play makes… well, you know the rest. After leading the creation of several world–class research labs, he decided it was time to make his own – dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional beer. The C12 Thesis Bold beers for strong minds. With Michael’s continual tinkering, you can expect a continually expanding line of seasonal releases, including those that pay homage to our favourite big Belgians and hoppy Northwestern ales. ​ We make beers that we like to drink, and we’ve learned how to play nicely, we share! ​ Michael’s obsession with great beer, recipe optimization, and meticulous record keeping practices–honed during his research days–make him a brewer to be reckoned with. Don't Worry. I'm a Doctor. Michael started brewing his own beer in the mid-1990s, during graduate studies. Hundreds of Untappd check-ins later, his passion for brewing finally prevailed and his wife Karen conceded to the inevitable. In preparation for launching Category 12, they both traveled up and down the West Coast, visiting and talking to the very best brewmasters and building a beer-making syllabus that is sure to cement their uniquely precise place in this exciting industry. The Future of the Brew We experiment with a 50 L pilot brew bench that allows us to fine tune recipes that scale to our 1,500 L production capacity - and we have more than a few on the books. Our brewhouse is proudly made on the Island, just around the corner from the brewery. Specific Mechanical has made over 350 brewing systems over the last 30 years, and ours was the first one that they were able to walk over and enjoy in person. ​ But good beer doesn’t do any good if no one knows about it! Enter Karen Kuzyk, our co-founder, who leads up branding and marketing. Karen will be introducing you to Category 12 beers at your local pubs, liquor stores and festivals. Watch for her – but be careful as her passion is contagious! Welcome to the Ultimate Lab Category 12 is the complete Northwest craft brewery experience. We look forward to welcoming fellow craft beer aficionados into our “growler testing facility”, where beer always comes first. To repeatedly produce top quality craft beers that stand out from the crowd – and keep customers returning for more–requires both creativity and intense attention to detail. We’ve got both. Welcome to our lab. VISIT OUR TAP ROOM BISTRO Summer Hours Sunday - Wednesday 12 - 7 pm Thursday - Saturday 12 - 9 pm BEER + DELICIOUS FOOD Our Bistro is open! Food always tastes better when you get to eat it with your hands. Featuring delicious fare made from scratch with local ingredients by our Red Seal Chef. EVERYONE IS ALWAYS WELCOME …into our tap room and brewery. The Lab gives you a window into our super secret brewing process. Grab a pint of fresh Category 12 beer and watch us work while you wait for your growler to be filled. KEEPING IT LOCAL At Category 12 Brewing, we value quality above all else. We only source the very best ingredients and all of our brewery equipment is Canadian-made by Specific Mechanical , located less than 1 km away from our brewhouse. WE CARE. MAYBE TOO MUCH. We brew in small batches, just 30 kegs at a time. This gives us optimum control over our product and allows us to fine tune our recipes, ensuring you get the best beer, every sip. HOW TO FIND US GETTING TO THE BREWERY AT 2200 Keating Cross Road, Victoria, BC From Victoria, 15 min N on the Pat Bay Hwy From BC Ferries, 15 min S on the Pat Bay Hwy Bus 75 stops right in front of the brewery. Bus Schedule/Map From Victoria, 1 hr N via Lochside Trail From BC Ferries, 1 hr S via Lochside Drive Cycling Route Driving Directions Your most responsible option! CONTACT US LIQUOR LICENSEES WE ARE READY TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS THIRSTY FOR MORE. Our sell sheets are now online! Check back weekly to find the latest product availability.​ SELL SHEETS CRAFT BEER CONSUMERS ORDER BOTTLES & CANS OFF SALE KEGS MERCHANDISE SHOP Check out our Online Store for up-to-date availability of cans and 19.5 & 50 L keg off sales! Button Button Button If you want to place an order or have any questions, we're just an e-mail away. ​ 1-250-652-9668 ext. 2 ​ 1-250-652-9668 ext. 1 Button

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    OUR BEERS Choose beers present & past... arrow&v Golden Strong Belgian Hazy IPA Diversion ESB Pivotal Sour Raspberry Vanilla Belgian Specialty Ale Transmutation Pilsner Tangental Tart Golden Ale Rhubarb Lager Doppelbock Double IPA Multiverse Barrel-Aged Red Sour Epiphany Pilsner Westy Lemon & Cucumber Ale Hiatus Wheat Beer Hefeweizen Pale Ale Pathway Brown Lager MÄRZEN Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Stout Bourbon Vanilla Quantum Black Currant Sour Blueberry Oktoberfest Lager Helles Pastry Stout Tiramisu IPA Fresh Hop Mexican Cerveza Salted Lime West Coast IPA Isometric Foeder-Aged IPA Irrational 2022 Amber Lager Czech Northwest Pale Ale Critical Point Black IPA Disruption Imperial IPA Subversion Tripel Golden Ratio Barrel-Aged Wild Double IPA Archival 2021 Chromatic IPA Grapefruit

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    Belgian Golden Strong COLOUR 3.5 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.011 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 35 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS ​ Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS ​ MICROBE STRAINS Duvel Strain 8.5% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer In homage to the Golden Strong Ale gods - Duvel and Westmalle - our spin showcases Belgian malt and a classic Golden Strong Ale yeast strain. Aromas of pear and bubblegum in harmony with a delightfully light body, this Golden Strong shines ever so brightly. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Monochromatic

    Monochromatic IPA COLOUR 7 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.012 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 60 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS ​ Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS CryoPop MICROBE STRAINS American Ale 7% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer In this single brew release, we riff on CryoPop hops with our flagship West Coast IPA. Don’t let the name fool you, this beer is far from one-dimensional! Fellow beer nerds at YCH Hops have blended the most resilient and powerful elements of our favourite plant Humulus lupus to their peak form; resulting in a profusion of juicy, tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Westy

    Westy Pilsner COLOUR 3 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.006 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 29 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Czech Pilsen Malt Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS Czech Saaz MICROBE STRAINS Urquell 5% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer This Czech style Pilsner and camper vans both represent our spirit of adventure – an old-school pairing that never goes out of style. However, our founders’ 1979 VW may have received a few cosmetic upgrades in this label. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Salted Lime

    Salted Lime Mexican Cerveza COLOUR 2 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.010 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 12 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Pilsen & Corn Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS Mt. Hood MICROBE STRAINS Mexican Lager 4% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer Our summer crusher! Crushable and refreshing, this Mexican lager packs an extra punch of thirst-quenching flavour with the all-natural addition of salted lime. An instant summer classic. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Diversion

    Diversion Hazy IPA COLOUR 4 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.018 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 37 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Pilsen Malt Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS Azacca, Simcoe & Citra MICROBE STRAINS London Ale III 7.4% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer This much needed DIVERSION glows brightly with a light Pilsen malt base, the tropical fruit aromas from copious Azacca, Simcoe and Citra hop additions round out this mouthwatering addition to our limited Periodic Series. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Hiatus

    Hiatus Lemon & Cucumber Ale COLOUR 4 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.005 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 16 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Lemon zest & cucumber Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS ​ MICROBE STRAINS Kveik 4.9% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer A welcome break from the tedium of both work & weather, HIATUS evokes memories of Scandinavian farmhouse ales past with its dry, rustic character from Kveik yeast. Balanced by the refreshing brightness of fresh cucumber & lemon zest. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Pivotal

    Pivotal ESB COLOUR 15 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.015 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 32 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Munich malt Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS Mt. Hood MICROBE STRAINS Bedford Ale 5% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer Sometimes decisions are easy, like which beer to share with a friend; at other times, they are more difficult. Our commitment to our values is unwavering; among those values is consistency and quality. We heartily endorse your choice in picking this gently hoppy, malt-forward ESB that shows quality over quantity is almost always a good thing. Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.

  • Hefeweizen

    Hefeweizen Wheat Beer COLOUR 3 SRM FINAL GRAVITY 1.006 FG HOPPINESS (1 - 100) 14 IBU SPECIAL INGREDIENTS German pilsen & wheat malt Previous Beer SIGNATURE HOPS ​ MICROBE STRAINS Weihenstephan 5% alc/vol BUY NOW Next Beer We have lovingly embraced tradition with this classic summer wheat beer using German pilsen and wheat malts. A fine tuned fermentation with a classic Hef yeast strain has perfectly balanced aromas of banana & clove. Prost! Vegan VIEW ALL BEERS... We don't filter our beers. Yeast sediment is natural.