Belgian-Style Blond

6.7% alc/vol

During a recent European vacation, we were inspired to create a beer that would perfectly encapsulate the fruity and spicy flavors that we experienced there. Our Blond beer is a true masterpiece, with a golden color that is sure to catch your eye. Every detail has been carefully crafted to ensure a perfect drinking experience. From the fruity aromas on the nose to the subtle spice that lingers on the tongue, this beer is truly unique. To achieve this flavor, we’ve fermented local Field Five Pilsen malt with an Ardennes yeast, which is known for its complex flavors and aromas. We’ve taken great care to ensure that our Blond is a true tribute to the rich beer culture of Belgium, and we’re confident that you’ll taste the difference in every sip.

  • flask icon Special Ingredients: Pilsen Malt
  • splat icon Microbe Strains: Ardennes
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4.9 SRM
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21 IBU
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Final Gravity

1.012 FG

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