Gluten-Reduced Beer for Everyone!

Named for those eureka moments, our Breakthru beers are great-tasting craft beers backed by science. After a traditional brewing process, which lends these beers their classically delicious flavour, each batch is treated to chop up gluten, sent off for analysis, and verified before hitting the shelves.

Frequently asked questions


Our Breakthru beer recipes start off at the brewhouse like every other Category 12 beer. However, thanks to our founder’s PhD in biochemistry, we’re able to create gluten-reduced beers using traditional beer ingredients, such as water, hops, yeast, and even barley. This is why Breakthru beers taste so great.

02. Fermentation

After locking in all those delicious craft beer flavours in the kettle, we transfer the beer to a fermentation vessel. We then add yeast, which does the heavy lifting of making the beer.

03. Adding the Enzyme

During fermentation, we add an enzyme that chops up any gluten that may have hitched a ride with the other delicious craft beer flavours. This enzyme actually targets numerous locations specifically within the celiac reactive regions of the gluten protein, thereby inactivating it.

04. Testing

We confirm that gluten has been reduced in every batch of Breakthru beer and use an external lab to test it using the R5 Competitive ELISA assay, as defined by the WHO and UN’s guidelines and codes of practice for foods globally.

05. Packaging

Only once our lab results indicate that gluten levels are <10 ppm do we release the batch for packaging and shipment to stores. (20 ppm is the international threshold for gluten-free designation of foods made from gluten-containing ingredients.)


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