Cause & Effect Sours

Belgian-Style Barrel-Aged Sours
2023 Vintage

7.9% alc/vol

In collaboration with Blind Enthusiasm, we proudly present a collection of wood-fermented beers. Brewed in the fall of 2019, these exquisite old-world inspired brews have been thoughtfully packaged in a stunning custom box created by Metropol in Victoria.

Behold, the microcosm of science, nature, and culture in your hand! Within lies the product of a multi-year mixed fermentation using Belgian Schelde yeast, a wild “Magic 9” yeast strain captured in central Alberta, and Lacto., Pedio., and Brett. With a strong nod to Belgian tradition, we’ve aged this beer for three years in French oak barrels to allow development of a complex sour. Months prior to packaging, we added sour cherries to half of the barrels to appreciate the additional complexity the addition of sour cherries can bring.

Expect an incredibly nuanced, dry tartness, reminiscent of Belgian lambics and krieks.

Can refermented, suitable for cellaring

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